CAS Week 2020

Renaissance College

Cashew factory experience (day 3)

After an early start and a delicious breakfast, we spent the entire day at the cashew factory, where we were split into three groups to do different social projects; education, murals for their water feature and constructions for their playground, in contribution to East Bali Cashews community.

Despite the heat, the construction and mural teams worked hard alongside the local Balinese teams to create a friendlier environment for the children.

The construction team learnt a lot about construction such as mixing cement, using different raw materials and the importance of team work. We had a very successful day, finishing the construction plan; creating a new tire obstacle course.

The mural team spent their day working with a local Balinese artist to paint a marine themed mural on their water feature. We were able to develop our collaboration skills and to work with different materials.

The education team had an amazing experience with the Balinese children, immersing in many educational games and cultural exchanges.

To end this amazing day, we had a healthy vegan meal and a chill campfire. After that, we had lights out early, in preparation for a sunrise hike.

Written by Olina, Daniella and Hilary

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