CAS Week 2020

Renaissance College

Day 2

We started the day heading off to the cashew warehouse where they grafted chasers and stored cashews. We then visited the cashew factory, where they produce granola bars and different flavoured cashew nuts, in which the cashews are from the warehouse. As well as producing cashew nuts, they also produce chocolate which is then sold as roasted pieces pieces and chocolate sauce.

We came back to our huts at East Bali Immersion and had a rest during the hottest hour of the day. After a restful session, we gathered as a group to do team bonding activities, such as blind-folded games, cooking local Indonesian cuisines, and learned how to make Balinese offering and the process of compost.

As night fell, we gathered around the campfire and sang singalongs with a ukulele. Sadly, the fire died quickly and we also had to sleep early for an exciting day to meet some preschoolers and help them make some playground facilities.

Written by Abigail, Lizzie and Erica

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