CAS Week 2020

Renaissance College

Post Trip

By Clayton

As a multicultural school, RCHK aims to “promote peace” and to “value diversity”. This concept is truly reflected from our experience in Bali. The exposure to a vastly different culture made us understand the importance of accepting and respecting other cultures, even if aspects of Bali culture contradicts with our own. Furthermore, reinforcing our knowledge, awareness and respect for different cultures.

During the trip we visited the 2002 Balinese bombing memorial. The consequences of disrespecting culture is highlighted in the terrorist bombings. It is evident in the Balinese bombing is a result of tensions and disrespect in society between different cultures. Only the mutual interchange of respect between cultures can lead to a peaceful future.

Another crucial element to the trip was to challenge ourselves as individuals. Different challenges ranging from aquatic abilities, card games and even interacting to locals were important in our learning journey. All of us grew in many different aspects and matured over the course of the trip. It was very satisfying to see our group being very committed to overcoming our own obstacles.

Although there were many obstacles and challenges, we managed to overcome these hurdles as a team. Thank you to Ms.Leung, Mr.Pither and Ketut for organising the trip. We had a memorable, enjoyable and pleasant experience. The trip wouldn’t have succeeded without the leadership of the Bali trip teachers.

  • Risna
    Aug 04, 2019

    difference is common, to get peace even if there is mutual respect

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