CAS Week 2020

Renaissance College

Day 4

By Dorothy and Kathryne

Today was a comparatively relaxed day for us that started off with delicious pancakes and fried bananas for breakfast. We then headed out to an art museum where the art pieces were created by a Belgian artist who married a Balinese women. His artwork was inspired by his surroundings and the culture that was immersed in it.

Afterwards, we spent the rest of our time at the beach playing frisbee before heading back to lunch and leaving for our long awaited surfing sessions at Seminyak.

Before making our way to our new destination, we were introduced to Pamela, the owner of the Side By Side Farm.

After a while of traveling we finally reached Seminyak, we were then welcomed by our surfing coach, Lorraine. After settling in, we went shopping for fund raising items and had dinner at the restaurant in the hotel.

At night, we spent most of our time at the beautiful beach, behind our hotel playing bonding games. Some stayed back and took a night swim in the hotel pool. Everyone gathered together to end the night with a heated game of cards.

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