CAS Week 2020

Renaissance College

Day 3

By Nixon and Ching

Today we woke up early for a walk to the beach to see the sunrise. We walked along a beach with black sand and to a temple. Unfortunately, we were not able to go in because we didn’t have sarongs.

We helped Katut move the plants that we potted yesterday to a truck that sends them to the farm. During the afternoon, we went to another temple, the Pura Taman Aynn temple in Mengwi. It is the royal temple where Balinese people visit to worship the water gods as well as protecting the traditional rice fields.

In the evening, we were fortunate enough to watch some Balinese dancers. After that a dancer taught us some Balinese dance moves and the ketcha dance. In return we taught them the 十字步 dance of Hong Kong. All in all, today was a very eventful day.

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