CAS Week 2020

Renaissance College

We have arrived safe !

Day 1: By Zenia and Keane

This morning, almost all of us made it on time and the flight onboard Cathay Pacific to Bali was very successful and nothing too particular happened – some of us played poker while some slept through the whole flight.

The bus trip to our homestay from the airport was also uneventful but everyone slept really well.

As we were arriving at the hotel, there was a long traffic jam due to a festival that the locals were having, the festival was apparently associated with the full moon which was occurring tonight. The locals used a sword and water as a prop during the ceremony, in order to convey the idea of pain and purity.

When we arrived at the hotel, we were warmly welcomed by the locals with mango juice. After settling down, we quickly had our dinner (traditional Indonesian cuisine with fruits and dessert!) and went on a short walk to the beach. The streets were dimmed but we had a great time going to the convenient stores (to buy indo-mien ), tying up our shirt (both boys and girls) and receiving weird glances from the locals.

While some of us were busy cooking our indo-mien, some of us had a late night swim in the pool of our hotel before going to sleep.

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