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Renaissance College

Bali, Indonesia 2017

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22-01-2019 07:32:54
by RedDoor Admin

17th November: By Myron and Eden. Originally, the trip was planned to be split into two parts, the former being a stay at…

23-01-2019 01:49:00
by RedDoor Admin

Day 1: By Zenia and Keane This morning, almost all of us made it on time and the flight onboard Cathay Pacific to Bali was…

21-11-2018 02:31:21
by RedDoor Admin

By Jalynn and Florian Our objective today was to help with organizing and planting at one of the only organic farms in Bali.…

21-11-2018 02:34:39
by RedDoor Admin

By Nixon and Ching Today we woke up early for a walk to the beach to see the sunrise. We walked along a beach with black…

21-11-2018 02:37:57
by RedDoor Admin

By Dorothy and Kathryne Today was a comparatively relaxed day for us that started off with delicious pancakes and fried…

21-11-2018 02:40:05
by RedDoor Admin

By Merwyn and Jonathan Today felt like a new chapter of our trip. We got to experience a new hotel setting, different food,…

21-11-2018 02:44:01
by RedDoor Admin

By Jay This morning when we woke up all of us felt the toll of the ocean, dead shoulders, a painful bruised rib cage and…

23-01-2019 06:04:37
by RedDoor Admin

By Clayton As a multicultural school, RCHK aims to “promote peace” and to “value diversity”. This concept is truly…