CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Ark Eden Day 2

Today, we spent more time working on our connectivity to nature. I like the peacefulness of the mornings, being with our companion trees. It was also nice making dinner for ourselves and helping out with daily tasks around the site. However, I found the insects to be frustrating!

We learnt about the earth element today and how it manifests – solidity, strength, belonging. I liked learning what it means to have an ‘earthy’ spirit, as well as spending time with nature.

Today, we got to explore our own companion trees and connect to them on a personal level. For me, the highlights of the day were mostly sharing the stories of our trees and pizza making at night, although composting and fertilizing were interesting activities too – however, it was pretty mucky!!

Jenny at Ark Eden told us the story of the trees around the hillside today. Now it’s lush and green but years ago there was a lot less vegetation. She told us how fires were a huge problem – often caused by the lanterns people set out at festival time – and how she herself had to go out and fight the fires. Over time they’ve planted more than 3000 trees and they also cultivate soil packed with nutrients to help them grow. They farm vegetables themselves and make the most of every natural resource available. Through our sustainable living this week, we’re much more conscious of our waste and overconsumption. It gives us food for thought on our daily practices at home.

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