CAS Week 2020

Renaissance College

Ark Eden Day 3

Three days into the programme and we are already quite used to not using any of our electronic devices. I sincerely apologize for the delay in updating the CAS blog.

Today was a slightly less physically demanding but a more educational and mentally demanding day. We started the day by doing yoga, which prepared us mentally and physically for the activities ahead. It was very relaxing as we could enjoy the beautiful sunshine and the soothing breeze outdoors. At the same time, we improved our mindfulness and gained positive energy through various breathing exercises to appreciate the natural environment surrounding us.

Then, we moved on to the more thought-provoking parts of our trip. Throughout the day, we had a lot of discussions about leadership and education. For leadership, we explored the ideal qualities for a leader and questioned how education trains us to be leaders yet only a small part of the population should and can be leaders. As for education, we watched a TED talk about the Green School in Bali. This video inspired all of us to think about the ideal curriculum in schools and the purpose of education.

In the evening, we met a vice principal, Douglas, on the beach. We had some quality time have a philosophical discussion about the reasons behind the current education system. He also shared some of his views on ideal leadership and how should a team effectively collaborate. Putting those theories and thoughts to work, we built a simple shelter with ropes and tarp together and drafted our short TED talk ideas.

The topics showed a wide range of variety, from big history to buffalos to the DSE curriculum of Hong Kong. The exchange of ideas greatly expanded our horizons and it was a perfect activity to follow our various very vegetative vulnerable non-venomous vegan vegetable barbecue dinner.

Overall, this was a very productive day indeed. So far, this trip has shed a light on sustainability and encouraged us to explore different moral values. Preserving the nature is immensely important, especially when climate change is getting worse. People should be having healthy and sustainable habits. Education plays a huge part in habit-forming at this point, with children educated to live side by side with nature, be a part of nature, learn to love nature and preserve nature. Raising public awareness can also greatly contribute to preserving our natural heritage. Through leadership, we can influence a lot of people by our actions or speech so that they will start paying attention to these pressing matters that are threatening general human population as a whole. Of course, us doing our own parts is already better than none. Yet, through advocating these concepts to people around us, slowly we can get a lot of people to each do their own parts and improve the situation little by little. Although this cannot completely reverse the current situation, it can still slow things down and give us more time to try to combat climate change with humankind’s greatest asset – our intelligence.

Author: Graidey Lo

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