CAS Week 2020

Renaissance College

Ark Eden Day 1

20-11-17, 0923, Mui Wo Pier. This marks the launch of our five-day journey, beginning with a short hike made strenuous with the weight of our bags, to undergo what may be the most insightful week in the past 5 years. We will experience this journey through wonderland with two newfound stranger-turned-friends from another school, Jeff and Alice. Suprisingly, if not somewhat ironically, it was not an unbirthday for Alice, but a birthday for her. We learned about permaculture, a portmanteau of permanent and agriculture that means so much more than the sum of its parts. From what we currently understand ,permaculture is a system and ideology of design imitating nature with the goal of achieving sustainability and self-reliance in a system, ideally reaching positive output, giving more than it takes in. This links back to our Year 11 I&S unit of megacities, where we learnt about the unsustainable nature of our modern living in the industrialized world, with little self-sufficienty of resources in densely populated regions, resulting in the reliance of exploitation of third-world regions and also high carbon impact from the long distances resources are shipped. We didn’t stop at the theoretical knowledge, but also started with the rejuvenation of terraced farmland, clearing branches and stabilising terraces. We will also get back to nature and live a permaculture life ranging from vegan food to compost toilets. To end off the day, we cooked on a campfire, baked a vegan birthday cake for Alice, and baked bread for tomorrow’s breakfast. “I loaf bread,” says Amelia. At Ark Eden, you don’t lick Oreos; Oreo licks you.

Authors: Forrest Jiang and Patrick Yung

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