This seven-day trip allows students to spend time working with disabled children and adults, making the challenging trek to the summit of Mt. Kinabalu, learning about traditional Borneo culture groups, and enjoying some free time in the natural environment.

While at Bukit Harapan Therapy Community, we could work on various projects which are needed to improve the facilities. These projects could including painting, cleaning, yard work, etc. Additionally, we will provide various activities for the residents there which could include recreational activities, arts and crafts, music, games, etc.

The Mt. Kinabalu trek will occur over two days. Day One will include about 7K of climbing. Day Two will start at 3:00 am and we will climb about 3K to the summit. We will descend the summit; then the rest of the mountain.

The rest of the trip will include enjoying outdoor activities and a trip to the Mari Mari Cultural Village to learn about the various people groups have populated the area over the centuries.

Anson Wong

During my time at Sabah, the trip allowed me to overcome my fears along with the support of my friends. By climbing Mount Kinabalu (highest mountain of Southeast Asia) with a height of 4095m, I was able to climb up to the final point despite my fear of heights with the support of my friends and was able to see the most magnificent sunrise in my life.

Nicole Yang

My favourite memory of my time in Sabah was the cultural night activities as not only did I get to bond with my peers, I also got the opportunity to experience the local culture first-hand.” 

Sherman Leung

The most favourite memory of my time at Sabah is climbing Mount Kinabalu together with my friends, going through difficulties and reaching the top. During the process, we developed our friendship and became close friends, making the trip memorable and unforgettable.” 

Depart: Fri, 9 Nov 2018
Return: Fri, 16 Nov 2018

Approximate cost: HKD 13,000
Availability: Limited to 16 students

Sabah CAS Type: Activity & Service with some Creativity