Ark Eden aims to preserve Lantau island’s ecological, geographical, historical and cultural heritage by following a sustainable lifestyle and by providing inspiring educational and eco-tourism opportunities for children, adults, residents and tourists.

We do this through a series of integrated workshops, field trips and camps designed to lead every participant towards a better understanding of the environment and what everyone’s role is in conservation, preservation and sustainability.

This year, Ark Eden is offering a CAS week experience that will take students on an inner journey, one that is centred on themselves and their connection with nature.

For the first time, and under the expert guidance of our teacher, Dr Claire Elouard, we will be offering the course ‘Energy of Nature Level 1’ which is a five day experience that aims to cultivate a deep awareness and intuitive relationship with nature. The objective of the week is to strengthen and deepen people’s conscious communion with nature and this may help promote a greater sense of well-being and healing. This is a unique experience that promotes health and wellness and will provide students with the means to tap into their inner resources to help combat the stresses of daily life and develop wellness techniques that will be of use for many years to come.

This is a 5-day, 4-night overnight camp involving:

Morning – optional yoga/pilate/tracking sessions

Energy of Nature workshop. Our workshop days will not always be in the valley at Ark Eden. Some days we will be ‘on tour’, visiting sites around Lantau and possibly a nearby island.

Afternoon service activities/ecological restoration projects:
Native tree-maintenance – hiking up to the hills to fertilise and maintain the trees that have been planted since 2008
Farm-work – watering, compost-making and weeding down in the farm
Cooking preparation – harvesting and making dinner
General site work – all the wonderful things needed to keep our sustainable household running

Evenings: Campfires, star-gazing, values and diversity games, team-building and communication activities, a night-walk one evening and one evening spent at the beach.

Graidey Lo

The thing I enjoyed most about the week was spending time in nature and connecting with it at the same time. Just hiking and being surrounded by trees made me so happy.”

Amelia Smith

[This experience] allowed me to challenge myself and get out of my comfort zone. I also got to visit new places around Hong Kong that I didn’t know existed.”

Julian Hui

An enjoyable, hands-on experience in learning all about Hong Kong’s natural world. [The experience] facilitates appreciation for and protection of our natural environment, ecosystems, and cultural heritages and to preserve them for future generations.”

Cost: HKD 4,200 (includes accommodation for 4 nights, activity materials and all meals)

All meals will be vegetarian and accommodation will be in tents in the camping ground around Ark Eden

We will be flexible in the arrangement of activities and exercises, depending on the weather.

Availability: 8-20 Students

For further information visit:

Ark Eden CAS Type: Creativity, Activity and Service