Yesterday, after adding a second layer of gold paint to all the surfaces of the glove, I dried it using a hairdryer. I then used silver and brown paint to add shading and highlights to give the gauntlet a more metallic look. Afterwards, I poked holes in the EVA and glued the gems to the gauntlet using contact adhesive. Today, I coated the gauntlet using glossy spray lacquer to make the whole prop shiny. As my prop was now finished, Professor Blackwell taught me some other new skills. I learned how to weld and cut metal, which was very fun. I also learned to use a lathe and made a vase out of styrofoam. During this week, I have learned a lot from the staff at HKAPA. They were very helpful in teaching me different prop design techniques and guided me in overcoming any challenges I faced. This has been an excellent and unforgettable experience for me.


yan Ng