On this day, We had to go through an obstacle course as fast as we could in order to win the competition. Before going through the obstacle course, we prepared their horses for the competition with the skills that we had learnt in the previous days with the help of the instructors. Everyone was able to, along with their partners, put the saddles and bridles onto the horses, groom them, comb and braid them, adjust the stirrups, clean their hooves clean their equipment correctly in the correct order.

During the competition, the riders and their partners(which led the horses) rode the horses around mounting blocks in a zigzag line then moved a tennis ball from one barrel to another then dismounted and mounted in different spots and finally halted once they reached the end of the course. Although many of us got through the course, some of us had made a few minor mistakes such as dropping the tennis ball on the floor instead of placing it on the barrel and not putting the equipment on perfectly. Some of the riders were able to trot, while some of them walked the horses past the obstacle course.

Sometimes it was difficult for us to prepare and groom the horses as they were not extremely obedient. Sometimes they would keep on eating while we tried to put their bridles on or decide not to lift their feet when we had to clean their hooves, but eventually most of us learnt how to get the horses to do what we wanted them to do.

– Nathan

We tacked our horses and made sure they were groomed. There was going to be a grooming and obstacle course competition in the afternoon my partner and I braided our horse’s (Anneka) mane and tail. The most challenging task was braiding the tail because the method was hard to learn and do. In the afternoon this day, we lead our horse and ponies out to the arena where the obstacle course was set up. The instructor, Christian, timed how fast we could ride our horses from start to finish. The course consisted of a few cones to lead the horse around, pick objects up while sitting on the saddle and dismounting/mounting.

– Jake