Today it was easier compared to yesterday. Yesterday we were introduced to a lot of new techniques, equipment and terms yesterday. Considering how the majority of us didn’t know the first thing about horses today we had all adjusted quite well. We had all gotten acquainted with our horses and sort of knew the basics on how to get our horses prepared for a riding session. When we first arrived at the stables we groomed our horses and proceeded to get the equipment needed to get our horses prepared for the session. We learned the names of the new equipment were using such as the stirrup, reign, saddle etc…

After we got our horses set and prepared for the horse riding session we proceeded to walk them outside to the horse riding ground. We were in partners and each took turns riding our horse whilst the other partner lead the horse. We all learned how to change our speed when leading a horse and as well as directing it. We also quickly learned how to trot whilst on the horse, after this, we had a lunch break.

After our lunch break, we got our horse groomed and learned how to get them prepared for when they had to participate in a competition. We braided their mane and their tail, this was to show their defined muscles. Once this was finished we looked more in depth of all the horses and how we could identify them through their markings and colour.

Today enabled most of us to become more comfortable around the horses and bond more with the horses that we were assigned to. Hong Kong is a very busy and upbeat city and almost anywhere you go it is extremely crowded. The horse riding stables were located in a very secluded part of Hong Kong, very close towards the edge of China. It’s a very quiet and peaceful place for the horses and allows the horses to grow in an environment that hasn’t manifested into a concrete jungle.

The horses also tend to get spooked easily and it would be very stressful for the horse if they were in an area that was very strident. This experience allowed many of us to spend more of our time away from the city and was given the opportunity perceive hong kong differently, focusing on the more calmer and relaxed side which could reflect on us and we have all felt throughout the experience.

– Tammy & Trisha

Braiding our horses’ manes and tails!