Day 1 – Horsin’ Around

The day has finally come where we get to embark on our CAS trip to Lo Wu Saddle Club. We were all excited, but nervous at the same time. When we arrived at the club, we placed our bags down and met the staff. After that, we were introduced to our horses. Although horses are very big, and quite scary, all of us quickly learned that there is nothing to be afraid of these gentle creatures.

The first thing we learned was how to groom the horse, which allowed us to bond with the animals. Then we learned how to tack up the horse to prepare them for our first riding session. After tacking up, we brought them out onto the field got ready to ride.

Our first riding session was a gentle introduction into riding, we practised our positioning on the horse, walking and turning. We all enjoyed our experience riding the horses, after riding we brought them back to the stable to groom them once again.

– Ronit

At first I was a bit nervous about being in contact with animals this big, but I soon learned that they are very gentle. Today’s experience helped me gain knowledge on how to treat horses, get them ready to ride, clean them, etc. The instructors were very connected to the horses and I aspired to feel as close to the horses as them.

– Riko

The long awaited exciting horse riding CAS week has finally began! I have been excited for this week as I love interacting with animals, especially with those we don’t see everyday. I really hope to learn more about the horses, interact with them, and also take care of them. During the first day, seeing how everyone was so enthusiastic about horses made me even more interested myself.

We started the day off with learning how to tack a horse, along with building a connection with them. We then moved on and started learning how to ride a horse. And finally, we ended the day with learning how to groom them.

The horses there are really friendly. I was a little nervous at the start, and I was scared that they would kick me. But by the end of the day, I was able to go over to any horse and pet them with no fear. Anika, my horse for the week, she is a really calm and friendly horse which I was very pleased with. Working with her was great, I had no trouble tacking her up and riding her.

The workers there were also really nice. They were all trying to help us with their full potential. One of the instructors, Bobo, was really nice and respectful, and we all had a great time with her.

I really enjoyed our first day at Lowu Saddle Club, and I can’t wait for tomorrow!

– Bruce

Getting our helmets fitted!

A derpy horse greets us!