Written by: Jan and Inesz

It’s finally here! Sooner than we anticipated, the hassles that we call schoolwork were put aside for a week and we were promptly rushing around, looking to and fro for what we should have packed. Although we were all staying in Hong Kong, listening to other people’s excited jabbering over their own CAS trips did not deter us one bit.

Horse riding is an activity we’ve both been wanting to try for a long time. We’ve both tried it out when we were younger as part of the whole tourist experience—but it really wasn’t enough as it was only a one-time thing. Both of us wanted to go beyond that one simple time, and this week would be the answer to that. Now’s the time as ever to learn something new and maybe pick up a new hobby! Although it definitely won’t be the easiest of times Jan and I think it’ll absolutely be a blast. We’re especially looking forward to the competition on the last day as an ideal way to finish off the week and showcase our newly-learned skills. Horse riding certainly sounds romantic, but the aspect of dealing with the manual labor we feel would be challenging (especially since cleaning out the stalls is definitely something we’re not used to).

We’re also going in hoping to deepen the bonds with our fellow peers going. This activity is great for that, especially since so many new students are coming! We haven’t had the opportunity to talk to them much, but hopefully this will also be a great way to make some new friends and unlikely discoveries. Thankfully, unlike the other trips we don’t have to prep much, though we will have to dig through our closets for clothes we don’t mind getting dirty. Travelling is easy since we’ve decided to meet up at University Station so Jan’s mom can pick us up, so we won’t have to worry about the commute situation at all. Here’s to the start of a great experience!