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Final Day

Today marks the end of the Bali CAS trip 2018. The day started with an optional early morning surf, which a majority of the group took part in. Surfing at 7:30 in the morning made for a very refreshing start to the day!

After surfing, it was time for a final pack and room check, then off to the airport.

We arrived back to Hong Kong and were treated to one final experience; seeing the flight deck of our plane!

Needless to say, this trip has been rewarding, challenging and fun! From working alongside factory workers, teaching primary students, engaging with the local community and surfing, we pushed ourselves to try new things and reach new limits.

As a teacher leader of this group, I’d just like to say a huge thank you and congratulations to this group! Your mentality is best summed up by this quote written by Michael and Jasmine, “trial is the only way to discovery; those who never try will never know what they can do.”

Thanks for an amazing trip everyone and look out for Bali 2019 led by the ever wonderful Mr. Lee Burns!

Written by: Ms. Leung

Our last surf

Waking up 6 in the morning usually brings the thought of the mundane and tiresome day of a typical school day. However, as soon as we woke up, we knew this is not the typical schooldays we usually expect. We knew that what was coming would be far more exciting. We went and changed into our rashguards and wetsuits in preparation of what was coming.

We started surfing from 8:30am to 11:00am. The waves were big yet calming to the eye. After wiping out one after another everyone seemed to get better and better, some tried out tricks and some started to stand.

Afterwards, everyone headed off to the pool for some down time. We were all relaxing and enjoying the company of others when we were surprised with a massage!

From 4:00pm to 5:00pm everyone went to the beach for a bit of sunset beach sports. There we were graced by the presence of volleyball and some football. We then played a bit of sock wars.
Lastly we were pleasantly greeted by the scent of barbeque chicken where we finished our last dinner in Bali with a nice little feast and award giving!

Written by: Eddison and Ryon

Always look at the bright side of things (day 5)

Without a question, this was one of the best days of the week. The food was excellent and the morning view was astonishing. Today was the day everybody was waiting for: surfing day! You could tell that everybody was energised and ready for what the day would hold. Riding the waves and connecting with the nature. Though everybody ate sand, by the end of it everybody was able to stand on their boards (with the help of instructors). We were taught some of the basic techniques and what to look out for in the water. After the surf we all went to the pool and enjoyed 4 hours of relaxation time. We then studied some surf theory through exciting Q&A booklets! After that, we played football and volleyball with local Balinese students. There were a few scrapes and scratches, but overall it was a fun experience that allowed us to engage with the people. After dinner, we watched an inspirational documentary about a surfer who struggled through life. It taught us that nothing can stop you from doing what you love and to always look at the bright side of things.

Written by Justin and Ho Wang

Mountain hike (day 4)

We woke up at 4:00am, packed our stuff and hiked up the mountain right beside the immersion. The sky was pitch black and the trail was non-existent, going up the mountain proved to be a harder challenge than the annual beep test we do in PE. Though the rigorous hike was extremely rewarding with a beautiful sunrise view over the Bali villages.

During the East Bali Cashew factory experience we were given a chance to engage in the process of getting those delicious cashews ready for being sold. The worker gave us a brief explanation on how to do their jobs. So we tried. And it was so much harder than we would’ve thought. In 20 minutes, I extracted 0.05kg cashews from their shells. Much lower than the average worker, which showed the amount of precision and stamina these workers have. This factory provides many job opportunities in the region.

We said goodbye to the factory workers and the students from the pre-school and headed for our surfing campsite. It was a tough 5 hours bus ride but we arrived at the beautiful resort. Can’t wait to surf tomorrow!!

Written by: Sean and Damien

Cashew factory experience (day 3)

After an early start and a delicious breakfast, we spent the entire day at the cashew factory, where we were split into three groups to do different social projects; education, murals for their water feature and constructions for their playground, in contribution to East Bali Cashews community.

Despite the heat, the construction and mural teams worked hard alongside the local Balinese teams to create a friendlier environment for the children.

The construction team learnt a lot about construction such as mixing cement, using different raw materials and the importance of team work. We had a very successful day, finishing the construction plan; creating a new tire obstacle course.

The mural team spent their day working with a local Balinese artist to paint a marine themed mural on their water feature. We were able to develop our collaboration skills and to work with different materials.

The education team had an amazing experience with the Balinese children, immersing in many educational games and cultural exchanges.

To end this amazing day, we had a healthy vegan meal and a chill campfire. After that, we had lights out early, in preparation for a sunrise hike.

Written by Olina, Daniella and Hilary

Day 2

We started the day heading off to the cashew warehouse where they grafted chasers and stored cashews. We then visited the cashew factory, where they produce granola bars and different flavoured cashew nuts, in which the cashews are from the warehouse. As well as producing cashew nuts, they also produce chocolate which is then sold as roasted pieces pieces and chocolate sauce.

We came back to our huts at East Bali Immersion and had a rest during the hottest hour of the day. After a restful session, we gathered as a group to do team bonding activities, such as blind-folded games, cooking local Indonesian cuisines, and learned how to make Balinese offering and the process of compost.

As night fell, we gathered around the campfire and sang singalongs with a ukulele. Sadly, the fire died quickly and we also had to sleep early for an exciting day to meet some preschoolers and help them make some playground facilities.

Written by Abigail, Lizzie and Erica

Bali 2018 – Blog Post #1

Our CAS trip to Bali, Indonesia has gotten off to a great start. We arrived at the airport in the early morning and everything is going smoothly as of now. We’re eagerly awaiting our arrival in Bali! Through our weekly meetings at school, we have been planning various service activities, such as building playground structures and creating lesson plans for the children of the local schools. We are all very excited to begin our trip and many of us are in anticipation of the latter part of our trip; surfing along the Bali beaches. So far we have planned some activities to do with the young kids and brainstormed ideas for the playground structures we will be building. Everyone is ready to get to the action! 🙂

Written by: Alison Murphy, Wing Yi Leung, Minji Ho

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