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Day 5

On the fifth day, we did dragon boating. We got together with partners of roughly the same weight in order to avoid capsizing the boat before getting on and beginning to paddle. Soon after the introduction, we began on our expedition around a nearby island. We circled the island once and returned back to our origin.The key to successful dragon boating is collaboration and synchronization, hence why the beginning felt so rough but later in the day, it began feeling smoother. Soon after having a refreshing lunch, we continued our paddling expedition by continuing on towards the Sai Kung Town Pier. This was extremely hard and we needed a lot of collaboration to be in sync with others to actually propel the boat forward. A few kilometers through our journey, we stopped at a beach to pick up and clean litter left by other visitors. Even though this is an Action Based CAS Week, it is still important to show concern and value towards our environment. Paddling actually felt enjoyable despite being monotonous and managing to reach other places gave us a sense of accomplishment as well. All in all, today was a fun and fitting end for our CAS week.

Author: Samuel Zhou

Day 4 – 23/11/2017

Today marks the fourth day of our water adventure! With only one more day to go, we arrived at Sai Kung with excitement. Today, our group will be participating in surfing, to top it off, we had to hike our way over Sai Wan through the MacLehose Trail which many of us would recall from our previous EOTC memories. It was nostalgic and brought back a lot of memories. As students foreign to surfing, we hope to challenge ourselves while having fun learning something new.

In the morning, we departed from Sai Kung public pier on a minibus towards our destination, Sai Wan. But standing in between our destination is the notorious Tai Mo Shan. To overcome it students have to hike a leg breaking 30 minutes trail called The MacLehose Trail. Along the path, students took rest at one of the highest points of the hike, panting for air, and holding on to the hopes that they could make it down the trail so they can catch a breezy wave.

All in all, we made it to Sai Wan, the water was extremely cold with a few of our students getting goosebumps on their arms with only their feets in the water. Some of our students decided to dive headfirst into the water with no fear while others remained on the shoreline. In the end we all got in the water and enjoyed ourselves on the waves as it crashes to the shore.

The surf was extremely tiring due to the fact that we had no previous experiences. We kept falling in and out of the freezing water, with each fall, our body’s weight seems to get heavier. At the end of the surf, we enjoyed food from a nearby restaurant.

We were really happy that we challenged ourselves and conquered the wicked sea temperature until we remembered that we have to hike back. But seeing that we have conquered so many challenges today, we let out a deep breath of sigh and embraced the trail.

From today’s experience, we have learned that we are capable of conquering challenges if we put our minds into it.

Author: Anson Chung

Day 3 – 22/11/2017

For the third day of our CAS, we went to the Blue Sky sports center for the activity stand up paddling. Like the past few days, the weather was chilly at around 18ºC, which is not ideal for water activities. The day was split into three sections, where we started off with a 2-hour session of paddling, lunch, and another 2 hours of paddling. Throughout the course of the day, we encountered problems and challenges. Firstly, as some of us did wakeboarding the day before, our hands were sore and muscles tense, we had to work as a group to get the paddles and boards into the water. Secondly, we had a paddle board relay, where we raced in groups with each other. This helped us develop our collaboration skills as well as friendship. Lastly, as the area which the activity was held had large amounts of sharp, underwater rocks, a lot of us cut and injured ourselves, we had to care and be compassionate towards each other. Overall, this activity was exciting and enjoyable, we got to develop group collaboration skillsets through an enriching and fun experience

Author: Jonathan David Yip

Day 2 – 21/11/2017

Our expedition today started off today with a bus ride to the remote corner of Sai Kung East Country Park, the Sai Wan beach. Little do you know, 40% of this compacted city is covered with country parks and nature reserves while only 20% is developed. We hiked for under an hour to reach the stunning Sai Wan beach that we visited back in Year 10. We grabbed a surfboard each and entered the cozy ocean water without any hesitation. Fortunately, it was a bright, breezy day as we encountered a few aggressive waves. A few of us were capable of standing for just under 30 seconds while others persist in learning and trying. Then, we got out of the water under the chilly wind and cleaned ourselves behind the restaurant. We had some delicious local food while enjoying the coastal scenery of Hong Kong’s unfamiliar natural views. We concluded the day with a hike back to the bus as we were all exhausted afterward. Throughout the day, we stepped out of our comfort zone and demonstrated perseverance during surfing as none of us has tried it before. Overall, the day was entertaining and relaxing with this valuable experience after the stressful weeks in school.

Authors: Robbie Yeung, Sahil Daswani and Akash Shivnani

Day 1 – Part II

Today marks the day of our CAS week adventure at Blue Sky Water Sports. We knew it would cold and chilly week. However, this wouldn’t stop us from moving away from our comfort zone. My peers and I were ready to embrace the cold and try new activities and expand our knowledge of water sports. Some of the activities which I had never experienced was surfing and wake-boarding and I personally was very excited to experience these throughout the week. I was also excited about the fact that some of the activities included tied back to our previous camps from about 3-4 years ago. Reliving those experiences were also a very exciting thing to think about. My peers and I did have some expectations from this experience. Firstly we hoped it wasn’t going to be extremely cold since all of our activities involved water. Secondly, past camping experiences in Hong Kong have gotten us to believe that food provided to these camps have not been very good and we hoped it would be different this year. Lastly, we wanted this to be a fun and memorable trip overall. We hope this camp would meet our expectations.

Author: Sagar Madhrani

Day 1 of Blue Sky Water Sports

Today, we went to Tsam Chuk Wan for the first activity which was planned, kayaking. The first thing we had to do was change to sports equipment and select a kayak. A few lucky ones got to travel in a single kayak while the rest of us had to travel in double seaters. At first most of us found it extremely hard to paddle due to the fact that most of us haven’t paddled in a while and because of the strong current during that particular day. Initially our arms started to sore but we soon got used to the muscle memory and were able to progress forward as a group and an unit. The wind was extremely strong during that day which meant we had to have constant checkpoints to make sure everyone was on track and that we were all fully hydrated. We continues the expedition by entering a very narrow waterway through two islands, entering into extremely shallow waters. The shallowness of the water allowed to spot a large a mount of fish. We then progressed towards a
small shore of another island where we got together for a break and to take a group photo. The extreme temperature caused everyone to start shivering the moment they got off their kayaks. The final bit of the exhibition ended with everyone being led towards our starting location. By the time we got off everyone was rushing to dry themselves off! The hardest part of the exhibition would have to be the fact that you have to constantly paddle the whole way through to keep with the group as a whole unit. The prolonged duration that you have to paddle definitely causes sore arms, but you have to push through until a checkpoint. The views and leisure of this activity however defiantly make it extremely enjoyable and worth while. Through this experience we learned to
always push and work hard towards your aim by persevering to paddle even at tiredest.

Authors: Nathan Lee, Sree Muthukrishnan

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