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Post Trip

By Clayton

As a multicultural school, RCHK aims to “promote peace” and to “value diversity”. This concept is truly reflected from our experience in Bali. The exposure to a vastly different culture made us understand the importance of accepting and respecting other cultures, even if aspects of Bali culture contradicts with our own. Furthermore, reinforcing our knowledge, awareness and respect for different cultures.

During the trip we visited the 2002 Balinese bombing memorial. The consequences of disrespecting culture is highlighted in the terrorist bombings. It is evident in the Balinese bombing is a result of tensions and disrespect in society between different cultures. Only the mutual interchange of respect between cultures can lead to a peaceful future.

Another crucial element to the trip was to challenge ourselves as individuals. Different challenges ranging from aquatic abilities, card games and even interacting to locals were important in our learning journey. All of us grew in many different aspects and matured over the course of the trip. It was very satisfying to see our group being very committed to overcoming our own obstacles.

Although there were many obstacles and challenges, we managed to overcome these hurdles as a team. Thank you to Ms.Leung, Mr.Pither and Ketut for organising the trip. We had a memorable, enjoyable and pleasant experience. The trip wouldn’t have succeeded without the leadership of the Bali trip teachers.

Day 7

By Mandy

We travelled to a memorial and learned a part of Bali’s culture. There was a terrorist attack at that area and more than 200 people died. The extremist religious attack group wasn’t respectful to the Hindi culture and planned the attack. Two suicides bombs took place in two different bars and a 1 meter deep hole was left in the road after the massive blast.

Unfortunately today was the last day of surfing, the last taste of enjoying our trip fully. However, it is really rewarding how we developed a new skill and got out our comfort zone for these 3 days of surfing.

Lastly, we had dinner with the head instructor and ended the day by playing games and chilling by the beach.

Day 6

By Jay

This morning when we woke up all of us felt the toll of the ocean, dead shoulders, a painful bruised rib cage and badly friction burned knees. We tried to re-energize by having breakfast, then we headed off to face the ocean with our battle scared bodies.

The waves were bigger that day, which created a great challenge for even to most experienced of us. The wipeouts continued, but so did the successes. When we got back to the hotel it started raining so we got the chance to relax around the hotel and swim for a bit before dinner was served. Before bed we finished the card game competition.

Day 5

By Merwyn and Jonathan

Today felt like a new chapter of our trip. We got to experience a new hotel setting, different food, different beds and different activities.

We had a good night rest with air con as well as a fruitful breakfast. We took a bus to a beach and had an amazing surf, our coach taught us the basics and let us feel for ourselves how to surf. The feeling of standing on the board riding the waves was very refreshing. But to get to that point we had to endure endless paddling.

At the end of our surfing session, everyone’s arms were burnt out. We went back to the hotel and had a swim to relax our tired muscles, after a bit we had an interesting diving session. With that, we concluded our eventful day with watching the emotional movie – Lion.

Day 4

By Dorothy and Kathryne

Today was a comparatively relaxed day for us that started off with delicious pancakes and fried bananas for breakfast. We then headed out to an art museum where the art pieces were created by a Belgian artist who married a Balinese women. His artwork was inspired by his surroundings and the culture that was immersed in it.

Afterwards, we spent the rest of our time at the beach playing frisbee before heading back to lunch and leaving for our long awaited surfing sessions at Seminyak.

Before making our way to our new destination, we were introduced to Pamela, the owner of the Side By Side Farm.

After a while of traveling we finally reached Seminyak, we were then welcomed by our surfing coach, Lorraine. After settling in, we went shopping for fund raising items and had dinner at the restaurant in the hotel.

At night, we spent most of our time at the beautiful beach, behind our hotel playing bonding games. Some stayed back and took a night swim in the hotel pool. Everyone gathered together to end the night with a heated game of cards.

Day 3

By Nixon and Ching

Today we woke up early for a walk to the beach to see the sunrise. We walked along a beach with black sand and to a temple. Unfortunately, we were not able to go in because we didn’t have sarongs.

We helped Katut move the plants that we potted yesterday to a truck that sends them to the farm. During the afternoon, we went to another temple, the Pura Taman Aynn temple in Mengwi. It is the royal temple where Balinese people visit to worship the water gods as well as protecting the traditional rice fields.

In the evening, we were fortunate enough to watch some Balinese dancers. After that a dancer taught us some Balinese dance moves and the ketcha dance. In return we taught them the 十字步 dance of Hong Kong. All in all, today was a very eventful day.

Day 2

By Jalynn and Florian

Our objective today was to help with organizing and planting at one of the only organic farms in Bali. Due to the Mount Agung evacuation, we weren’t able to go to our original destination of the Side by Side Farm. Instead, we gathered in the front porch of the home stay and helped with replantation of the herble crops. We learned the important process of planting carefully from Ketut who is in charge of the farm. First we mixed the soil together, then we made special plastic bags to contain the soil, slowly put the plant into the pot and then a final touch up by filling the pot up a bit more with the leftover soil.

For our free time, some of us hit the beach, spa, swimming pool and the night street market. The most exciting part of the night street was buying sorongs, tasting their cultural food and looking around. We fully enjoyed the day by planting and rewarded ourselves with some souvenirs.

We have arrived safe!

Day 1: By Zenia and Keane

This morning, almost all of us made it on time and the flight onboard Cathay Pacific to Bali was very successful and nothing too particular happened – some of us played poker while some slept through the whole flight.

The bus trip to our homestay from the airport was also uneventful but everyone slept really well.

As we were arriving at the hotel, there was a long traffic jam due to a festival that the locals were having, the festival was apparently associated with the full moon which was occurring tonight. The locals used a sword and water as a prop during the ceremony, in order to convey the idea of pain and purity.

When we arrived at the hotel, we were warmly welcomed by the locals with mango juice. After settling down, we quickly had our dinner (traditional Indonesian cuisine with fruits and dessert!) and went on a short walk to the beach. The streets were dimmed but we had a great time going to the convenient stores (to buy indo-mien ), tying up our shirt (both boys and girls) and receiving weird glances from the locals.

While some of us were busy cooking our indo-mien, some of us had a late night swim in the pool of our hotel before going to sleep.

Bali – Pre Trip

17th November: By Myron and Eden.

Originally, the trip was planned to be split into two parts, the former being a stay at the Side by Side farm, a farm located in the Karangasem district of Bali and the latter being a stay at ​Puri Saron Hotel in Seminyak. Because of the currently active Mt. Agung near the farm, our stay has been cancelled and instead has been changed to a homestay at Sanur, a district in the southern parts of Bali. Although this was a missed opportunity at a hands on farming experience in a relatively local part of Bali, we will be working with them in another service opportunity involving plantations of seedlings. As for the action part of the trip we will be surfing on the clear waters at the beaches of Bali, some of the nicest waters in the world. Throughout the entire trip we will get a chance at not only learning the processes of farming and the art of surfing, but also the environment of Bali.

This trip is going to be one of a kind experience as we are going with people that we may be close to or not too familiar with. However, this trip is going to strengthen each individual’s connection with one and another and this whole new experience is going to extend our horizon. Although, the original plan of the trip was altered due to the increase in activeness of Mt. Agung, there’s still a lot to look forward to. Planting trees, learning how to surf is going to be enjoyable as we are able to help the local society but at the same time developing new skills. This Bali trip is going to be one of the highlights of the DP program, and I hope everything will be going according to the plan!

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