There is a certain social stigma surrounding adoption in Hong Kong local community, especially with China’s conservative culture. Furthermore, cost of care, lack of adequate support systems or services, or the fact that children waiting to be adopted often have physical or mental disabilities also contribute to low adoption rate.

As not all prospective adoptive parents are as willing to take on the challenges of raising a child with special needs in Hong Kong, organisations have to struggle to find the perfect home for these children.

Mother’s Choice is a local NGO that serves the community by joining hands with vulnerable girls and babies to give hope and create a better future.

I was given an assignment to assist with a project that focuses on research concerning substance abuse for pregnant woman and its implications. My job was to translate articles, as well as analyzing current research and statistics.

Although I was simply sitting at a desk and not doing in-field work, I still felt as though I was making a contribution to the future generation by educating future mothers. I hope that this information will be able to show Hong Kong the true pain of drug addiction, and for parents in throes of drug addiction to realize the possibility of their children growing up without a mother or father.

Being given the opportunity to work for this charity is a blessing and inspiration, and I am certain that the lives they have touched along the way will continue to blossom and grow.

Gina Ng